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Thanksgiving appeal 2020

Dear Incarnation Friend:                                                                                                        Thanksgiving 2020
Our parish is surviving the pandemic, and has become a trusted helper to thousands of families.  We need your continued support – and especially an extra end-of-year effort – to make it to the finish line and beyond.  Thank you for reading this three-part Thanksgiving-Christmas appeal.  Could you help us with one of the three parts?  I will be so grateful for whatever you can do!
1. Keeping the doors open and the lights on: Paid by your generosity and the Paycheck Protection Program, parish staff members have worked straight through the pandemic.  Our beautiful church is open at least twelve hours every day.  But we need help to continue our regular operations – we are falling about $1500 a week short.  Consider making a one-time gift for parish operations or a pledge of weekly support with cash and electronic gifts.
2. Helping fellow parishioners and neighbors: We plan to feed hungry neighbors and stabilize their rent throughout the winter.  Consider a gift to “Community Emergency Fund”, “Food” or “Rental Help”.  Federal emergency funds have covered our expenses so far, but without a significant new allocation, we may need as much as $10,000 additionally each month.
3. Getting ready for our young people’s return: Last year, some 400 young people over-filled our buildings each Sunday learning about their faith.  Now most of our education is virtual.  But by next fall we expect as many and more here weekly.  We would even like to double that number by expanding our offerings into weeknights and Saturdays.  Our “Incarnation 2020” plans called for ten renovated classrooms.  With lots of skilled volunteers, we can do so now for as little as $7500 per room.  Finishing that first phase of our capital program would convert pandemic losses into a solid gain for our future!  With your financial gift, it will be done this spring.
Please consider one of these three ways to help us serve the entire community.  If you want to talk personally about any of these efforts, let me know.  May God bless you through the holy holidays ahead.
Father Kevin McDonough, Pastor
P.S. The pandemic has alerted me to make my own end-of-life plans.  How about you?  If you are making your will, please include your parish!
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