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Paint and Marble

Photo Jan 22, 10 38 32 AM.jpg

When you look around the Church of the Incarnation, you notice the intricacies of the marble statues, light fixtures and baptismal font on the ground floor as well as all the hand-painted murals and design on the ceilings above.  The smoke damage-- and the cleaning of it --threatened irreparable harm to all of it.  That is why we trusted the generational experience of Henning Restoration for the job.   You can see their hand at work in every piece of the church.  From the marble repair of the holy water font knocked over in the scaffolding installation to the creation of stencils that can be used to touch up any part of the lateral designs in the future-- the Henning family were there to do it all.


Fresco Secco

Years of a leaky roof had taken its toll on our two frescos high in the altar.  They had already begun to crack and flake away before the fire.  This made them impossible to clean when the soot settled into those cracks.  Digital scans of the two frescos were taken and mapped out onto canvas.  The surface was scraped clean and the canvas was fixed to the plaster surface... with wallpaper glue.  Look to either side of the baldacchino to see these innovatively restored additions to the church.

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