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There are no clearer images of the smoke damage that needed to be cleaned than these contrasting colors in the brick above our choir loft.  You can see where Giertsen's crews repeatedly scrubbed every brick and the mortar between to bring it back to the way it looked a hundred years ago.  The bricks now have a vibrancy that no parishioner can recall them ever having before!  

Marble, wood, brick and various sculptures were all cleaned of smoke and soot damage.  Their crews climbed scaffolding upwards of sixty feet to make sure there were no lingering signs or smells of smoke.  


No other contractor could begin their work until all this cleaning was completed.  Giertsen went above and beyond in doing this work so quickly and thoroughly.  A project that could have taken over a year was completed within eight months.  We are so grateful for their continued efforts even after the last checks had been signed.  They were amazing to work with and we could not shower enough praise upon them.  If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing professionals after a disaster, use Giertsen's!

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