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The Rosary Window

When looking for a company to replace our damaged windows, we sought out a the standard-bearer in the Twin Cities.  Gaytee-Palmer has been around almost as long as our church and they were up to the task of replacing all of our damaged windows-- and storm windows --in a timely manner.  

The Rosary window to the left was damaged by the fire hose.  This was all that was left.  Fortunately, it was enough for the experts at Gaytee-Palmer to replicate it  


The Storm Windows

Where there is fire, there is smoke-- and the smoke permeated the stained glass windows and became trapped in the space between them and the storm windows that protect them from the elements.  Over the years, the storm windows had yellowed with sun damage and were already in need of repair.  We were fortunate that this restoration of every window in the church was covered by insurance, as was the painting of the wood trim that holds them all in place.  When you are here, take a moment and look up before entering to appreciate the work that went into all the light that shines in.





New Saints in an Old Space

Unfortunately, there was no photo evidence of the saints originally portrayed in the altar that burned.  We know they were St. Paul and St. Patrick, but we do not know how they were positioned or if they were alone in the frames.  This allowed us, after numerous consultations with the National Historic Society, to include new depictions of saints in these windows.  With the quick response of the Minneapolis Fire Department and the increased need for prayers for the safety and safe conduct of the Minneapolis Police Department, we worked with Gaytee-Palmer to have Saint Florian (patron saint of fire fighters) and the Archangel Michael (patron saint of police officers).

We worked with the artists at Gaytee-Palmer to insure the end result was not only a stunning piece of art, but that it matched the style and aesthetic of the rest of the stained glass images in the church.

Now, when you drive by the Church of the Incarnation in the evening, look for these windows.  They will be the ones perpetually lit so that first responders traveling down 38th Street know prayers are being sent to them and those they are bound to serve.

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