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The Importance of Illumination

The importance of light cannot be overstated in a church of Incarnation's size and age.  It naturally has a darkness due to its structure and any attempt to 'modernize' the lighting runs the risk of making it feel like a fluorescent nightmare.  So the artisans at FIXT were given the complex task of illuminating the space to 2700 Kelvin-- a "very warm light" that gives the feel of the candlelight that was once here --but make that warm light radiate in a way that brings the church the life.  As you can see when you enter, they exceled at this job.

Each pendant originally had a dedicated circuit due to the amount of energy they needed.  Now, they are all on one and are filled with energy efficient bulbs.  They also have multiple settings so the light can be directed up, to highlight the design and murals, or down for better visibility.  They brass was chemical bathed, the glass replaced-- the lights are like-new but still maintain their original detail.

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